The Drink Review 🥃☕️

Here at The Drink Review I will be reviewing all types of drinks, alcoholic & non alcoholic. All over the internet all you see is food, food, and more food! On this page of Lost Activity there will be nothing except DRINKS! 🍾

1) Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale 🍺

For my FIRST review I will review the Brooklyn Summer Ale’. I drank this while I was out fishing in Long Island. It is refreshing during a hot summer day, with a very good taste but some may not like the taste. This beer is good for BBQ’s, picknics, boat days, beach or even at your own home! I will give this beer a solid 7/10.

2) ‘Fat Tire Amber Ale’🍺

Fat Tire is another great beer for some outdoor “summer activities”. I didn’t go absolutely crazy over fat tire, but it is definitely one of the older craft beers. The taste has hints of a bitterish flavor with a bit of caramel, honey, graininess and some citrus. No complaints, definitely worth to try it! I would give this a 5/10!

Style: American Amber / Red Ale

Alcohol by Volume: 5.20%

Brewed by: New Belgium- Colorado, United States.